Why choose these wheels?

Loopwheels are essentially wheels for wheelchairs with integral suspension. These specialized wheels are designed with carbon spring that minimize vibration and shock to boost the wheelchair’s performance.

As a result, they provide users with smoother and more comfortable wheelchair rides than the standard wheelchair wheels. These suspension system wheels allow you to push over rough tracks, gravel paths, and uneven streets a lot easier. The carbon springs, on the other hand, provide added power to help you go up and down curbs.

Reduces shock, vibration, and bumps

These suspension wheels for wheelchairs reduce vibration, shock, and bumps. They are equipped with shock-absorbing springs that provide added power while minimizing jolting as you move downhill.

Provides added stability and comfort

Loopwheels are exceptionally more comfortable than the standard wheelchair wheels. They also provide added stability, allowing wheelchair users to easily push and maneuver on rough tracks, tight spaces, or uneven paths.

New levels of comfort

Loopwheels have developed a robust wheel with world-class suspension that works at higher speeds, for use with power attachments. Our Loopwheels for wheelchairs help you push over uneven streets, rough tracks and gravel paths more easily, and the carbon springs can give you extra power to get up or down kerbs.

Available in three different variations

Loopwheels come in three different models namely Urban, Extreme, and Carbon Wheels. The three variations cater for the needs of different users.

Less suspension effect for lighter weight

If you are under 50 kilograms, you won’t really feel the benefits of the Loopwheels’ suspension system.

Noticeable wheelchair movements

There will be noticeable wheelchair movements laterally and vertically when the wheels’ springs are not loaded.

Gives boost to wheelchair’s performance

Given that Loopwheel is an integral suspension wheel, it is engineered to minimize vibration while boosting the wheelchair’s performance.


Loopwheels are made by a UK-based manufacturer that is well-renowned for providing industry-grade innovations in wheel technology. These wheels are extremely durable andreliable for long-term use since they are designed to withstand everyday wear and tear.


Ultimately, Loopwheels are engineered to let wheelchair users experience more comfortable and safer rides anytime and anywhere.

Built-in Integral Suspension

Let’s look at the pros and cons of the Loopwheels suspension wheelchair wheels.