Eco Assist Power Attachment


Key Facts
  • Compatible with rigid & folding wheelchairs with a fixed front frame
  • Features a 350W motor and an efficient Li-Ion battery
  • Manual docking system
  • Twin -brake system: mechanical disc-brake and electric brake
  • Wheelchair fitting width range – 210-480 mm
  • Wheelchair clamp fitting height range – 260-420 mm
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Use Eco Assist for an economical and fun driving experience!

Rehasense presents the ECO ASSIST, a state-of-the-art lightweight power add-on that will completely transform your urban mobility experience. made from a robust combination of steel and high-strength aluminium.

Compact & Light weight

It is designed to make days out with friends and family that might have previously been challenging in a manual wheelchair easy to plan with confidence.

The new lightweight power add-on called ECO ASSIST has a powerful construction made of steel and aluminium alloys with high strength, a quick 350W motor, and an effective Li-Ion battery. The central locking unit can be connected or disconnected with just one easy step. A safe connection is guaranteed by a safety lock.

SMART features

ECO ASSIST, you can take advantage of several smart features that will enhance your riding experience. Together, these features include an LED headlight and horn button, cruise control, walk function, anti-slip traction, a water-resistant colour LCD display, a reverse gear, and an LED headlight and display. As an optional accessory, we also provide a larger 48V, 11.6 Ah, 556.8 Wh battery.

It has a 350W motor that runs quickly and an effective Li-Ion battery that provides dependable performance. Reliable brakes, a modern, sleek design, and programmable controls bring you a whole new level of comfort and safety!

Efficient Li-Ion battery

The new Eco Assist easily disconnects with a single, easy motion after manually clamping onto the wheelchair’s frame. Rehasense claims that the add-on is “ideal” for use in urban settings, such as shopping centres, and that it makes wheelchairs easier to manoeuvre.

ECO ASSIST is an incredibly flexible solution that can easily accommodate a variety of wheelchair types and sizes. The ECO ASSIST is compatible with wheelchairs that are rigid or folding and have a fixed front.

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Easily fit a variety of wheelchair

Wheelchairs with a fixed front that are rigid or foldable can be used with the ECO ASSIST.

This makes it hassle-free because there is no need to permanently build or modify the wheelchair. Its impressive wheelchair clamp fitting height range of 260-420 mm and wheelchair fitting width range of 210-480 mm show off its adaptability.

ECO ASSIST is a highly versatile solution that can easily fit a range of wheelchair sizes and types due to its broad compatibility.

It is a lightweight and user-friendly. A very cost-effective solution for wheelchair.


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