Easy Riding Effortless Docking

No other powerbike gives you power performance and style without leaving anything on your chair. Roll up, clamp click and go to experience the StreetJet immediately available for all dealers at Naidex 2023.

Freedom powered by electricity at your fingertips. With the EMPULSE StreetJet power-assist pull device, enjoy being outside. Its patented One Touch clamps make it simple to attach to your wheelchair, making it the perfect handbike for an unparalleled driving experience and a tonne of fun.

Designed to be strayed from the usual route

The StreetJet has many clever safety features, such as extremely bright front LEDs, to keep you safe. They’ll make sure that in those gloomy evenings and inclement weather, you can see—and be seen. In reference to inclement weather, the carbon fender offers protection from sand, mud, and other debris that may be thrown up from the road in addition to a little extra style. Furthermore, the StreetJet has received certification that complies with all relevant European EN12184 standards.

Adventure awaits you on StreetJet—book a ride now. The unique One Touch clamps, which are made with user convenience in mind, make it simple, quick, and effortless to dock a wheelchair for hours of enjoyable driving. Although all tasks can be completed with minimal effort, motor performance is anything but. Even on rough terrain, the high performance and large battery capacity allow for worry-free driving pleasure for up to 50 km of rides.

Go further. Go anywhere.

StreetJet gives you the freedom to go further, faster and for longer all without the need to push!