Access All Terrain With Your Wheelchair

off road wheels

Heavy duty wheels

The Invictus Active Off-Road Wheelchair 24-inch wheels are designed for effortless maneuvering in rough tracks and challenging terrains. These all-terrain and heavy-duty wheels give you the freedom to explore the outdoors with confidence.

When installing these off-road wheels to your wheelchair, all you need to do is simply remove its standard rear wheels and put the Invictus Active Off-Road wheels on. This process is fairly straightforward and can be done in a brief period.

These all-terrain wheelchair wheels are engineered to withstand the wear and tear of long-term outdoor use. Thus, when you choose to invest in these specialized wheels, you are guaranteed to get reliable and durable wheels for your wheelchair.

Off road wheels

Engineered for tackling all types of terrain

These specialized wheelchair wheels are designed to help users tackle tough off-road tracks smoothly.

Durable, reliable, and long-lasting wheelchair wheels

Our wheels come with These wheelchair wheels are equipped with 36 spokes made from stainless steel. Thus, it is guaranteed to be stable and sturdy.

With K-guard puncture protection

The Invictus Active Off-Road wheelchair wheels are engineered with top-quality carcasses and K-guard protection to ensure resistance to puncture.

Can handle up to 150 kilograms of weight load

These wheelchair wheels are stable and sturdy enough to handle a weight load of up to 150 kilograms. If you are a plus-size wheelchair user, you get the assurance of having a safe and secure ride with these all-terrain wheelchair wheels.

Fits most standard manual wheelchairs

If your wheelchair has 24 or 25-inch rear wheels just like most standard wheelchairs, then these wheels will definitely fit.

Only available in a 24-inch size

If your wheelchair’s rear wheels are smaller than the standard 24-inch wheel size, then you won’t be able to use the Invictus Active Off-Road Wheels on it.

Inner tubes and tires are included for free

The Invictus Active Off-Road wheels are equipped with tires that are specifically designed for off-road travels. They also come with free inner tubes which are a great bonus.


The Invictus Active Off-Road wheelchair wheels allow you to tackle any types of tracks with ease and utmost security.

Key features

Sturdy 24-inch wheel for safe off-road travel.
Standard ½-inch axle diameter hole for easy interchange.

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